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Applying the Learning at the Workplace

While sharing the learning during the course of a “CorporateTheatre” workshop, most participants have no difficulty in seeing how the learning can be applied and share the conviction that they can use it at work as well as in their personal life.  However, an occasional participant raises the issue of how the powerful and comprehensive dynamics experienced during the workshop can be applied to their workplace.  “We have attended many ‘trainings’”, they say, “and after a few weeks or months, the excitement and the impact fades away, and one gets back to square one.”  Read More…
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Don’t Try to Change People. Instead, Change the Environment

Before a workshop, we ask for a brief on key workshop objectives from the stakeholders.  One of the more common refrains we hear is,

“We have some problems in the team/organization.  Many people, even at thelevel of senior leadership, tend to work in functional silos.  Can you do something to change their mindset, make them work together more productively and collaboratively . . .?”

In over 1800 workshops covering over 39,800 people from various nationalities, industry, hierarchy, and culture, we have learned something very surprising as well as encouraging Read More…

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“ClassroomTheatre” – Theatre in School Education – Experiencing Learning !

From 6th to 9th November, 2012, we did a 4-day workshop for a group of teachers working with the Jindal Schools.  They came from the OP Jindal School at Barbil, Odisha, the Community College at Barbil, as well as rural schools on the periphery.  The results were deeply insightful, enriching, andrewarding.  On the 3rd and 4th day of the workshop, the teachers who were trained in the use of theatre for teaching subjects in the classroom, worked with 2 groups of 8th standard students to teach various subjects like Social Studies, Physics, Literature, and General studies.  After experiencing a 2 hour session with the teachers, the students shared their experience.  Read More…
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