The Presence of Leadership – Mckinsey Quarterly

This well written article in the Mckinsley Quarterly highlights the relevance of the following insights experienced through “CorporateTheatre”. The link to the article is here

1.  The importance of the work environment in enabling the attitude for excellence.

2.  Considering that culture always cascades top down, the primary responsibility of senior leadership in creating that environment.

3.  The visibility of leadership.  As experienced in the workshops, leaders are always on stage.  What you are and what you feel deep within you is conveyed to your organization and your people far more clearly through your presence,your action and body language, than by your words.  In fact, your presence can often belie your words if what you say and what you do are not in alignment.

4.  How complex matrix structures can sometimes undermine collaborative interdependence, and accountability in teams.

The article is definitely worth a read !

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