“CorporateTheatre” – Core Ideology – Values, Purpose

The participant tally for “CorporateTheatre” workshops, since June 2002, has crossed 38,400, with all our clients coming in entirely through referrals from those who have experienced the methodology.  Irrespective of industry, hierarchy, nationality, or culture, the behaviour, the sharing, and the experience of participants have been almost exactly the same.  Unconditionally, participants have demonstrated their ability to come together into new and even changing teams and deliver excellence and enjoy it under constantly changing and increasingly challenging conditions. They have proved consistently that pressure need not become stress, but can instead become celebration.  
More interestingly the experience of these participants have been reinforced by published research by wellknown management professionals. Most notable among the books which independently validate the possibilities and dynamics experienced by workshop participants, are, “The Wisdom of Teams” by Jon Katzenbach & Douglas Smith, “The Truth About Managing People”, by Stephen P Robbins, and “Good To Great”, by Jim Collins. 
In the course of thousands of workshops a certain core set of values and principles have emerged as characteristic of the methodology, its delivery, and participant experience.  I have made a preliminaryattempt to put them down here.  These will remain the fundamental guidelines for “CorporateTheatre” facilitators.  
“CorporateTheatre” – CORE IDEOLOGY
Core Values:
Using Theatre for facilitating Excellence with Enjoyment at workplaces by putting people in touch with their innate and practical ability to have successful careers along with happy lives.
This involves enabling experiential understanding about the immense power and joy of forming and working as ‘Natural’ Teams, and through them creating powerful and energized learning organizations.
Core Purpose:
Delivering a totally experiential, interactive, relevant, and enjoyabletransformational learning experience using Theatre.
Empowering Excellence with Enjoyment at workplaces through Theatre-based workshops.
(a derivative of “CorporateTheatre” designed specifically for educational institutions)
Introduce Theatre in classrooms as a co-curricular activity to teach subjects so that along with acquiring knowledge, students also experience personal growth, effective communication, confidence, creativity, and a collaborative attitude of winning together rather than a competitive attitude of winning at the cost of another person losing.  This will not in any way dilute the ability to compete intensely between teams and defining higher performance benchmarks as individuals and as teams.

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