The Power of Emotion in Leadership

(Excerpts from the article, “Leading by Heart” – Team CD’s write-up on Daniel Goleman’s new book,   “Leadership: The Power of Emotional Intelligence”, in the Economic Times Corporate Dossier of 14 October 2011)

“Is there a relationship between EI and effective leadership?  To get answers, Goleman studied the competency models of 188 companies to determine which personal capabilities – technical, analytical or EI – drove outstanding performance within these organisations and to what degree Read More…
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“Collaboration Works Better Than Competition”

This interview with Prof. MJ Xavier, the newly appointed Director of IIM, Ranchi reinforces the “CorporateTheatre” concept of Collaboration beingmore powerful than Competition in eliciting great performances from individuals and teams. He also talks about Read More…

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What motivates us

This brilliant video powerfully reinforces many of the critical concepts regarding ‘Motivation’ as experienced through “CorporateTheatre”.

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