The Leadership Presence – Reinforced

“The moment an actor walks on stage, an impression is made. The audience immediately gains crucial information, both about the production as a whole and the character. A costume is a transformation garment, one that assists an actor to become, for a time, someone else.” – Kaoime Malloy

“As Leaders, we are always on stage . . . . Just your presence can either energise or inhibit the energy of an entire team or organisation. Like actors, Leaders should be constantly aware of what their presence is communicating to their ‘audience’ moment to moment” – Insight experienced in “CorporateTheatre” workshops.

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The Presence of Leadership – Mckinsey Quarterly

This well written article in the Mckinsley Quarterly highlights the relevance of the following insights experienced through “CorporateTheatre”. The link to the article is here

1.  The importance of the work environment in enabling the attitude for excellence.

2.  Considering that culture always cascades top down, the primary responsibility of senior leadership in creating that environment. Read More…

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