MOTIVATION – “Find it within yourself” – A Theatre Lesson

As a theatre actor since 1968, I have worked with several groups.  For over 15 years how I have been working mainly with a challenging and experimental group, led by an extremely demanding maverick director who can be brutal with his feedback and criticism, harsh, and even crude.  Even so, actors who have worked with him once stick on and do not find working with other directors as exciting.  The reason for this loyalty is that with each play, in fact even between shows he can push you beyond all your comfort zones, beyond all you thought was possible.  At the end of all the shouting, screaming, and tantrums, the group celebrates that they have grown and evolved and there is a sense of gratitude to each other and to the maverick.

He taught me one of the most important lessons I have learned as an actor and as a human being. Read More…

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The Challenge of ‘Motivation’

Often, when a senior stakeholder in an organization gives me a brief on the learning objectives for a workshop, the statement goes something like this:

“The team needs to be motivated.  These people are all highly competent, but somehow are not committed to the team’s or organization’s goals and objectives.  They prefer to work in silos.  There seems to be a lack of trust and open communication.”

In his remarkable book, “The Truth About Managing People”, Stephen P Robbins, well known management teacher and writer, by virtue of years of experience and research makes a very clear and heavily loaded statement: Read More…

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