The 6th DYSFUNCTION of a Team – Fear of Being Blamed for Failure

In his fascinating and insightful book, The FIVE DYSFUNCTIONS of a TEAM, (Jossey-Bass), Patrick Lencioni lists the 5 Dysfunctions as:

Absence of Trust – resulting in Invulnerability

Fear of Conflict – resulting in Artificial Harmony

Lack of Commitment – resulting in Ambiguity

Avoidance of Accountability – resulting in Low Standards, and

Inattention to Results – resulting in focus on Status and Ego

These resonate almost exactly with what is experienced and demonstrated by participants in the “CorporateTheatre” workshops.  Read More…

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Stellar Teams – Going Beyond Stars !

On a recent visit to London, I managed to watch 3 plays. One was aperformance of Shakespeare’s ‘The Merry Wives of Windsor’, by young actors from the Globe Theatre Company. The second was Shakespeare’s ‘Titus Andronicus’ by the Royal Shakespeare Company which had a galaxy of well known stars on stage, including one senior person who is perhaps one of the top contemporary Shakespearean actors in UK.The third was a production of the highly acclaimed Lion King at the Lyceum Theatre, showcasing phenomenal physical acting, stunning stagecraft and the latest theatre technology. Read More…
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