“CorporateTheatre” – Overview

The “CorporateTheatre” methodology is totally experiential.  Being so, the only way to understand its nature and impact is to actually experience a workshop.

“CorporateTheatre” uses theatre tools to put participants experientially in touch with their immense possibilities as individuals and as teams, to deliver excellence and enjoy it, under changing and challenging conditions.  They also experience the nature of leadership that enables and sustains these possibilities in a team or organizational work environment.  This is explored from the perspective of individual attitude, as well as the work culture as defined and facilitated by the leadership.

In over 2000 workshops across India and abroad, the methodology has been experienced by over 43,000 participants since June 2002.  They have come from a wide variety of nationality, industry, hierarchy, and culture, with almost all our clients coming to us through referrals from others who have experienced the workshops.  While addressing serious corporate learning and transformational objectives, the methodology is delivered on a totally experiential, interactive, and FuN platform.  There are no lectures, presentations, notes, or handouts.  All that is learned is directly experienced and expressed by the participants themselves.

What is of great significance is that, in addition to the behavioural validation of thousands of participants, the behavioural dynamics experienced through the workshop have also been validated by contemporary research and publications, as the critical ingredients of high-performance Teams and Organisations, across a wide variety of work environments.

Based on their actual experience, participants must be willing to objectively revisit some of their existing paradigms.  Given this attitude, “CorporateTheatre” can be a very intense, enjoyable, and powerfully transformational learning experience.